Company Overview

AvCarb has developed a portfolio of materials that solve problems moving energy in electrochemical systems. Carbon fabrics, papers and graphite laminates are produced in volume today for applications including fuel cells, specialty batteries, sensor technology, and industrial scale chemical processes. These carbon electrode backings, or substrates are available also with functional coatings (e.g. PTFE or micro-porous layer treatments). The unique electrochemical properties that AvCarb electrochemical customers need include:

•Conduction of thermal and electrical energy
•Thermal and chemical inertness
•Tailored pore structure to manage the flow of gases and liquids

Molded Graphite Laminate

AvCarb® MGL190, MGL280 and MGL370 are superior carbon papers for fuel cell and electrolyzer applications. The new products demonstrate advantages over industry standard products, indcluding:

  • Lower electrical resistivity
  • Higher flexural/tensile stength
  • Improved thickness uniformity
  • Higher purity; improved durability
  • USA Made

With comparable property and performance data, MGL products can be used interchangeably with other industry standard carbon papers. Both products are available in volume at sizes up to 550mm x 550mm. Call 978-454-5301 to discuss your application requirements.

Carbon Papers

AvCarb Carbon Fiber Papers can be used as gas diffusion substrates or electrode backing for fuel cell applications. The table below lists nominal properties of commercially available AvCarb Carbon Papers for fuel cells. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right product for your application or for more information.

Gas Diffusion Systems and Coated Papers

AvCarb Material Solution’s Gas Diffusion Systems combine our proprietary carbon fiber paper, a PTFE treatment, and micro-porous layer coating, each designed for the rigorous demands of specific fuel cell applications such as PEMFC, DMFC, and PAFC.

AvCarb Coated Papers are hydrophobic versions of our standard Carbon Papers. PTFE treatments are applied to repel water during fuel cell operation.

AvCarb Gas Diffusion Systems are based upon carbon fiber paper. AvCarb carbon fabrics and AvCarb Molded Graphite Laminates treated with PTFE and micro-porous layers for fuel cell applications are also available. Please consult our GDL product selection guide for help in identifying the optimal GDL design for your application.


      • Physical property uniformit
        • Conductivity
          • Gas permeability
            • Optimized fuel cell performance by application
              • Cost effective, high volume manufacturing methods

              Carbon Fabric

              AvCarb® has been producing high quality polyacrylonitrile (PAN) carbon fiber products since 1978. Drawing on unique carbon fabric processing technology, AvCarb® carbon fabrics are designed to meet the demanding requirements of friction, gas transport, motion control, electrical and elevated temperature applications.

              AvCarb®’s proprietary AccuCarb™ continuous carbonization process provides an 88-95% carbon content and are called “HC” grade fabrics. Vacuum batch baking at extremely high temperature results in our “HCB” grade fabric, a 99+% carbon fabric with graphitic properties. Custom carbon contents are available upon request.

              Produced in long, continuous rolls, AvCarb® carbon fabrics are easy to store, handle and use. Their uniform properties over the length and width of each roll, and from roll to roll, not only assure product consistency but also lend themselves to easy integation with continuous manufacturing processes.