Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems allow a building to draw its power requirements from a Solar Array, a battery backup and also the grid. They can be an easy upgrade solution to a current Grid Connect Solar System offering back up power from both a battery bank and/or small generator and can be set up to only utilise grid power as a last resort.

Hybrid Systems are very similar to Off-Grid Systems. They perform very similar functions, require much of the same equipment, the only difference being grid battery backup systems are connected to the national power grid. Grid Battery Backup systems core consists of a battery bank, battery inverter/charger and grid switching unit. Systems without renewable generators such as solar or wind rely on the grid to charge the batteries, and once the power goes out the battery backup system will supply power.

Solar, wind turbines and fuel powered generators can be incorporated into these systems to achieve longer autonomy and reduce the reliance on grid power, especially incorporating solar power with a Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar inverter is very popular. System can be configured to act as your primary power supply and only call upon the grid when absolutely necessary.