Today’s ESSs are complex and require a mastery of multiple disciplines, which is why Spear’s technical team is made up of a combination of electrical engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, chemists, physicists, technicians, and program managers.  Whether installing a typical deployment of our Trident battery system or a new custom ESS, our applications engineers engage directly with our customers’ technical teams at the beginning of every project to fully define the ESS requirements and power system interfaces.  Our SBMS and SMOD building blocks enable us to develop proof of concept units rapidly, cutting your time to market.   We work together to design in safety and de-risk key performance criteria.  When it comes time to flip the switch, Spear will be there alongside you with test results and diagnostic tools to make certain everything works according to plan.  And Spear will continue to be there, with timely support and friendly service, whenever the need arises.