Atlas Energy Profile

Atlas Energy corporation was founded in Iran with an expert engineer team and a powerful commercial group. Our fields of job are sustainable energy, design and optimization of energy systems, environmental engineering, Nano technology, Carbon materials, electrochemical and general lab. Specially in

Advanced Energy

Advanced Batteries


Our supplier team works as the Atlas Lab name and Our primary strength is in finding what our customers need to reach their product performance targets. As a trusted partner in development efforts, we work closely with our clients to find high-quality and reliable manufacturers of the desired raw materials, components, lab tools and commercial-scale production equipment. Once the product is qualified, we supply full-production levels of raw materials and components. We supply the most useful instrument and components of green energy systems.

Incoming projects

R&D unit for Fuelcell
R&D unit fot Li-ion Battery
R&D unit for Supercapacitor
Designe solar panel system