Company Overview

Since its establish in 1991, WonATech has concentrated its efforts in the development of products related to electrochemical application. Steadily supplying products in experimental research fieldss and industrial sites, they have been playing a leading role in this field of business.

With the constant effort to achieve excellent quality and competitive edge of products, WonATech have been designing high value added system equipment as follows:


  • Single and Multichannel Potentio/Galvanostat
  • Single and Multichannel Electrochemical Workstation with EIS function
  • Portable Potentiostat/Galvanostas/EIS
  • Bi-Potentiostat

Battery Cycler System

  • For Primary and Sencondary Batteries
  • For Supercapacitors

Fuelcell Test Station

  • Variable Fuelcell Supports: PEM, DMFC, SOFC etc

Imoedance Monitor

  • Single and Multichannel Impedance Monitor

Other Products

  • Electric Lead
  • Software (EIS datta analysis software, DC data analysis software etc.)
  • Corrosion Cell
  • Battery Jig and Holder
  • etc

Single Channel Potentiostat

Multi Channel Potentiostat

Fuel Cell Test System

Battery Test System