Company Overview

The business of Kikusui mirrors the growth of technologies in the environmental and new energy (= electronics) fields. Electronic measurement instruments and power supply equipment are essential components for electronics technologies. Our company is active wherever there is R&D or production of electrical or electronic devices and equipment.

The Kikusui Group is investing business resources in “growth markets (= markets related to Smart Cities)” where new demand is expected, while also retaining our firm position in “stable markets (= safety-related (standard testing) and other fields)” that are supported by replacement demand.
In relation to Smart Cities, we are active in distributed power generation including solar power, wind power, and fuel cells; EMS (Energy Management Systems); next-generation automobiles such as EV, HV, and PHV; as well as energy-saving appliances and other environmental and new energy fields. We carry out product development targeting a broad range of devices, equipment testing, and production equipment related to these fields. We have also entered the market of quick chargers for electric vehicles (EV) where future growth is expected. In addition, we are carrying out development of key EMS-related devices. Kikusui will continue to be actively involved in new business areas where our measurement and power technologies can be put to productive use.
Kikusui has identified three areas of solutions for Smart Cities – technologies in the environmental and energy saving fields. These are energy creation (power generation technologies), energy storage (power storage technologies), and energy saving (technologies for greater efficiency), and we are providing products for each of these purposes. Our primary products include DC power supplies, as well as electronic loads that absorb and consume electrical energy. In particular, our electronic loads are used as evaluation instruments that are essential for energy creation and energy storage, and large growth in sales of these products is expected. In the energy saving field, we provide AC power supplies that are key equipment for standard evaluations and grid connection (two-way connections for power supply and receiving) tests, as well as withstanding voltage testers for testing the safety of electrical and electronic devices and EMC testers for testing electromagnetic safety.
Kikusui has also created a new division called “NES (Next Energy Solution)”, which developed an EV quick charger in 2010. Aiming to become a business on the same level as our existing businesses, this division is planning to release items in areas outside the power supply and measurement fields. In addition, we also import and sell digital communication measuring instruments, microwave measuring instruments, and avionics measuring instruments that are produced by the global measuring instrument manufacturer Aeroflex Inc.

Fuel Cell Test System
Battery Test System