Mixing Systems

Laboratory mixing systems are divided to Vortex mixers, Magnetic Stirrers,  Overhead Stirrers, Ultrasonic Homogenizer and overhead mixers.

Mixing / Shaking

Vortex mixers are suitable for mixing substances in any shape or size of test-tube thanks to the orbital movement of the rubber cup.

Overhead Stirring

Overhead stirrers are commonly used during solubilization, mixing, emulsification and homogenization.


Magnetic stirrers specially designed for chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, microbiological and medical applications such as growing microorganisms, dissolving nutrients and solids and preventing suspended matter from settling during titration.

Stirring & Heating

Hot plate stirrers are widely used instruments for numerous applications. Aluminum or ceramic tops offer different performance, single-place or multi-place, different stirring capacities and speeds: numerous solutions to solve your problems!

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